Monday, February 3, 2014

50 Years Revision and Beginnings of 123D Catch Modeling (In Progress!)

Here is my revision of myself in 50 years. I have a couple more things I want to edit that have been giving me a little trouble (white hair/eyebrows, better quality suit/hands, smoother general quality). But I have aged my body (we haven't quite beaten old age yet and "fixing" that is still optional). The suit is what is called a "Dream Suit". It is used by Dream Designers, Engineers, etc. to help configure the dream software to place the intended dream subjects. I am currently in a dream I have created, fixing last minute bugs. The neon green veins on the neck, face, and eye color happens as a person ages. Nanobots placed in the body at birth all have slight luminescence, but as aging skin begins to thin, that luminescence begins to shine through the skin.

Here is the start of my 3d model created with 123D Catch. It's an adorable cow! I have not yet fixed it up completely yet. I have gotten rid of most of the unnecessary background and stand that was captured. I used a mixture of natural and electric lighting (to help give better rounded lighting). Natural lighting by itself was disastrous enough to delete the results entirely.

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