Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3D Assemblage ideas

For my assemblage, I have two ideas, the plausibility of which are in the process of testing.

The first idea deals with the tinted lenses of human attitude toward nature. We have such an attitude of "what can something do for me" or "what do I get out of this". Much like the cartoon wolf only sees lamb chops when he sees a sheep. After humans process natural products into something "usable" - it is impossible to return it to nature.

The first idea makes natural objects out of their human processed objects. For now, I've settled on the infamous sheep, only made from the wool socks we like to wear. 


The second idea stems from a similar standpoint: humans as animals. People usually separate themselves as much as possible from animals - denying their place in the animal kingdom.

the second idea is to take the human form (whether skeleton or "fleshed") to create the shape of an animal. For now I'm testing the possibility of taking a human skeleton and making a chicken.

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