Monday, January 27, 2014

50 Years in the Future...

It is the year 2064. I've taken these snapshots of what I've seen recently. Sorry it looks a little different than normal pictures - everyone is connected to the net through Neural Optical Interface. The process is surgical, and for the most part invisible. There were headbands for a while - thin and blue around the back of your head. But lately it's been switching over for a more "clean" look. But most everyone, here in the states at least, has it. Everyone connected 24/7. It's good - nobody really needs computers, phones, tablets. The technology is all there implanted in your head, as long as you can move your eyes to control screens - you're in. Granted, security is at an all time high - government can track who you are, where you are now and previously, even predict your current mood - but that's new. Exact thoughts are pretty elusive. Good, I say. Once they know our thoughts, thing will go to hell, but perhaps things are already that way.

Air quality is at an all time low. Half the days require a air filtration mask. At first they blamed the bombed areas - yes, a few strategic locations around the country were bombed. The destruction was heavy and air quality plummeted due to debris particles. But now it's probably the overuse of oil products - it's at an all time high and only getting higher. We're in a war, but most information is either classified or buried under entertainment news and work. They say it's safer that way, we won't be targeted if we don't know anything to help the enemy. I don't much care.

I'm happy as long as I can make money to survive. Credit doesn't go as far as it used to. Physical money is all but unused. Why carry money or credit cards if all of your financial transactions can be done through the Network? I work as a Dream Designer now. We have the technology to implant images, videos, even videogames directly to your brain. Why trust a natural brain to have a random dream when you can pay to have great dreams, guaranteed? We personalize them, import products from recently searched items, even take faces that you look at. Looked at a pretty girl that day? We'll take her from your data stream and place her in your dream. Have to pay extra if you want to lucid dream, though. The best part is designing - it's all done from my brain, imported to the company's server drop (don't want anyone overloading their brain, don't have unlimited space in there) and credits imported straight to me upon work scanning and rating from the people who have those dreams. Don't mean to brag, but I've done pretty well for myself.

The pictures I took were just a few moments in a day. I got a chance to have some REAL coffee. Most everything is cloned now, plant and animal, but this one was supposed to be the real deal. It was pretty good, although it was expensive. I took a picture of people waiting in a line on a particularly good air day. You can know who anyone is now just by looking at them. You can search them with just a few eye movements. I also happened to be skipping out on work. I was deducted quite a bit of credits that day. Whoops. Last I happened to pass by a visiting foreign businessman while walking through the company building to get to the Deam Test Domes. He was speaking in a different language that I could hear and my Neural Interface asked if I wanted a translation I could understand. Unfortunately it was nothing particularly interesting. Although I noted that the building had changed the "outside" (everything is a screen now due to air quality) screen to a pretty nice scenic view so it must have been someone important. All I get on the wall screen in is simple wall and sometimes a blue sky when my interface senses my mood below a certain point.